If you have questions regarding the use of Joomla! we recommend the Joomla! Forum or the Official Documentation. For WordPress you can find help in the WordPress Forums or the online manual WordPress Codex.

Please check our FAQ:

Enable drop down on sub-menus:

You need to locate the module you are using for the top menu (position-1). Go to: Extensions > Module Manager and search for the module name (“Top” is the default name). Click on the module name and change the “Show Sub-menu Items” to “Yes” under the modules Basic Options.

Only show Slideshow on homepage:

Go to the Template Manager and click the current template. Under Advanced Options select [Show only in position-15] under Slideshow. Position-15 isn’t visible by default. You need to activate it with a module. Go to the Module Manager and create a new module. Choose “Custom HTML” for module type. Enter a name and assign it to position-15. Under “Module Assignment” choose [Only on the pages selected] and select only the Home check box for Main Menu and Top, - and save the module.

Change colors, fonts, size, width, height etc.:

You can customize everything in the template.css file, but it requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. Unfortunately we will not be able to support you with questions regarding customizing and redesigning templates.

Add a favicon:

Go to: Content > Media Manager - and upload your favicon file to the root folder (e.g. favicon.gif). And add the following line of code within the <head> ..add here.. </head> tags in the “index.php” file:
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/images/favicon.gif”/>